Spring Training Update: Hitters

Trending Up:

TROY GLAUS – Looking healthy and swinging crisply, Glaus is currently 11 for 19 this spring with a 5/2 BB/K ratio. He only has one extra base hit, but history suggests that a healthy Glaus is a powerful one. I’ve been more apprehensive about his health than his production so far. It looks as though the throwing shoulder is fully healed, and the move to first base should keep it that way. Remember that Glaus is projected to bat fourth in the lineup in 2010, so there should be plenty of production potential. He is quickly climbing my 1B rankings.

JASON HEYWARD – The youngster hasn’t slowed down a bit this spring, batting .455 with two steals and a 9/3 BB/K ratio. Never mind that it’s only March – Heyward’s walk rate is very impressive for someone who’s only 20 years old. I see him batting #1 in the order before too long.

Trending Down:

NATE McLOUTH – this guy is now 1 for 25 in Spring Training. I know, I know – March doesn’t count. But when I consider his history and the fact that he just never seemed comfortable in Atlanta I can’t help but feel this is more than just a slump. McLouth has also struck out 10 times while walking only thrice. He might lead off to start the season, but I really see him dropping in the order in favor of Heyward before the summer.


2 Responses to Spring Training Update: Hitters

  1. TG says:

    McLouth has struck out nearly 50% of his ABs??

    Wow…that is insane. Def. going to have to move him down the ranks a little.

  2. EF says:

    yep, whifferoo – big time. It is only march. They have actually been batting Cabrera leadoff the past few games, so I might be all kinds of wrong on this one.

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